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Need ATM service and repair? Call Hella ATMs
August 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Need ATM service and repair? Call Hella ATMs

Anytime you have equipment that you rely on in your store, it’s important to keep it updated to date and serviced. While an ATM is often a form of extra passive income for your business, it’s still a good idea to have it serviced regularly and have repairs done as needed. At Hella ATMs, we can help with ATM service and repair. In fact, we have a short guide that has a few of the most common repairs to keep an eye out for on your ATM.

Out-of-date software

Like the computer you use at home, your ATM uses a software program. No matter how complex or simple the screen on your ATM is, the software that it uses will eventually need to be updated so it continues to run smoothly. For the same reason that you have to update the PC you use at home, the company that makes the software will come out with new versions periodically that have security updates and patches for glitches that make it so the machine runs smoothly. If your ATM software is outdated and can no longer be updated, it might be time to update your machine entirely.

Keypad malfunctions

People can get impatient with machines. This can be especially true when they’re trying to access their money. So, it’s not uncommon to watch a person be harsh on the keypad of an ATM to try to get it to respond faster. Unfortunately, it’s not going to make the machine respond faster and it can cause damage to the keypad. An ATM that doesn’t have a working keypad is often out of order and will make you lose money both in service fees and potentially customers at your register. Get your keypad repaired promptly to help your business.

Broken receipt printer

Not everyone who uses an ATM will want a receipt, but it’s an important feature to have. A broken receipt printer can be frustrating to those who like having a receipt to keep track of their finances. As the owner of the ATM, you can usually tell if there’s an issue with the printer if the receipts are not printing correctly, there’s no print at all, or the receipts aren’t printing after you’ve recently replaced the tape. While some of your customers won’t worry too much about the receipt printer, it’s still a feature that needs to be fully operative.

Bad card reader

While an ATM might still be able to function with the previously mentioned issues, a customer can’t so much as start their transaction with a bad card reader. You’ll lose more business with a card reader that doesn’t work than any other feature on your machine. Call for repairs as soon as this issue is brought to your attention.

Worn out money dispenser

While a bad card reader is a problem of inconvenience, a money dispenser can lead to angry customers. For instance, if someone tries to take $200 out of their account with your ATM but the dispenser is faulty, it might give only $160 or even $140. This can cause your customers to be angry with you and make uncomfortable accusations about your machine. A money dispenser that breaks down could be a sign of a machine that’s ultimately worn down and might need to be replaced.

Reach out for help

If you’re looking for ATM service and repair, get in touch with our team at Hella ATMs. We have technicians who can help to repair your machine should it break down. We can also help if you’re looking to upgrade your ATM to something more current. Browse our available models to see if there’s anything that looks like it would work for you and your store.