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4 Things Business Owners Get Wrong About ATM Equipment Repair
June 27, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Machine working after ATM equipment repair.

Having an ATM in your store gives customers more convenience and, with that, another way to spend. But if your business is to keep reaping those benefits, it’s necessary that your ATM stays fully functional.

By remembering these four things, you might be able to maximize your machine’s durability and limit the need for disruptive ATM equipment repair.

1. Some parts get damaged faster than others

Your ATM’s moving parts are understandably the ones with the highest chance of breaking down. With the rollers in constant motion as they receive and return users’ cards, they are prone to. The friction causes them to tear down eventually. The same goes for the cash dispenser, card reader, and receipt tape.

Ideally, you want to have a team ready to install new parts before the current ones fail and cause a customer service disruption.

Nearly all the relatively vulnerable parts are necessary for customers to validate their withdrawals and receive cash. They are the ones to watch carefully as you maintain your ATM. And given how essential the parts are, it’s wisest to call a repair service even after noticing seemingly minor problems.

2. Maintaining the software is just as important

Your ATM’s software is as crucial as its physical parts. You might know about the PCI DSS standard, which ensures that your ATM protects cardholder data and maintains a strong information security framework that guards against theft.

Keeping the system updated and efficient requires installing system-level patches and custom-code patches, along with those for third-party applications that may be in use within the card processing infrastructure.

3. Frequent repairs can be a case of poor maintenance

While some store owners may come to think repairs are a natural part of owning an ATM, that’s not necessarily true.

From a customer experience standpoint, maintenance is vastly more preferable. An “out of order” sign on the ATM is always disappointing and inconvenient. Shoppers certainly don’t want to see it too often.

And a maintenance program may eliminate potentially high expenses. When your maintenance team spots an issue in its early stages, they fix it before it grows and becomes much costlier to resolve.

Beyond keeping your machine at its most functional, maintenance can have other benefits that help with keeping an ATM. For example, Hella ATM clients appreciate how we handle cash management, so business owners never feel that their ATM is giving them additional major responsibilities.

4. Replacement may be the better option

While you can expect years of use out of your business’ ATM, you only get that much with regular maintenance. So if you’ve had your ATM for a long time but it hasn’t always been serviced to high standards, the years may have taken their toll.

While repairs are sometimes effective in these situations, it’s often not long before another is needed. In the end, you may find that the cost of repair after repair is adding up to a large expense.

Replacement can also be a more reasonable decision when your ATM’s operating system is no longer supported or its features lag behind those of more modern systems.

So, do you need ATM equipment repair? Hella ATMs can help

At Hella ATMs, we fit stores and businesses nationwide with the latest ATMs. We also take care of cash management, ensuring that, for minimal effort, business owners can encourage spending at their location. Where you already have an ATM and it needs repairs, our ATM techs are glad to help.

Wherever you are in the U.S., get in touch with us for ATM equipment repair or complete installation within a week.