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Hella ATM’s guide: How to get an ATM machine installed
May 23, 2021 at 7:00 AM
An ATM positioned in a mall. Considering how to get an ATM machine installed is the surest way to increase profits.

People spend more money when they have money in their hands. Installing an ATM in your store is a literal cheat code. In convenience stores alone, ATM customers spend 20-25% more. If you’re wondering how to get an ATM machine installed, you came to the right place. At Hella ATMs, we proudly provide premier ATM solutions to Boston and Reno. With a streamlined process and transparent customer service, we’re a veteran-owned business that understands the value of service.

Here’s how to get an ATM installed in your store:

1. Is it right for you?

ATMs aren’t ideal for every location. When considering how to get an ATM machine installed, first determine if it’s worthwhile. Without considerable traffic or a real need for cash, it doesn’t make sense. Ideal locations include:

  • Gas stations
  • Bars
  • Convenience stores
  • Music venues
  • Hotels

It’s also important to listen to customers. If customers regularly ask about nearby ATMs, this is a good indicator an ATM would be a valuable addition. Plus, for cash-only businesses or businesses where cash payments are common, an ATM is perfect.

You don’t want something occupying valuable floor space with a minimal return on investment. At Hella ATMs, we offer custom solutions for every situation, and our transparency means we won’t steer you wrong.

2. Where should you put your ATM?

When researching how to get an ATM machine installed in your store, selecting the right location is essential. An errantly placed ATM is as good as no ATM at all. To optimize its position, ensure it’s:

  • Easy to find/access
  • In a high-traffic area
  • Safe, well-lit, and visible
  • Near electrical and phone lines

The size of your store will affect this process immensely. Finding a place with electricity and a phone line could require a total rearrangement in smaller stores. In bigger stores, finding the perfect location requires analyzing customer trends.

If you’re unsure where to have your ATM installed, at Hella ATMs, our extensive experience enables us to easily identify the optimal location for any ATM in any store.

3. Should you pursue ownership or partnership?

When considering how to get an ATM machine installed, you have two primary options:


Partnership is an ideal, viable option for businesses unable to incur the cost of buying an ATM. Partnering requires you to load the ATM with cash.

A 3rd party ATM operator and you will negotiate an arrangement. Most commonly, surcharge revenue is split 50/50. A major benefit of partnership, particularly for new businesses, is there’s no initial financial commitment. Plus, installation and maintenance are taken care of for you.


To rake in all surcharge revenue, ownership is advisable. Plus, if you’re ineligible for partnership, purchasing is also an excellent solution. When you purchase, you have to find the ATM, buy it, install it, and manage it yourself. However, you’ll earn 100% of the revenue.

Even better, ATMs pay for themselves quickly. An ATM will earn you between $20,000 and $30,000 each year. However, ATMs generally cost only $2,300 to $3,000. You can realistically see a 100% return on your investment within months of installation.

Contact us now to get an ATM installed!

If you want to guarantee customers always have extra cash to spend, research how to get an ATM installed in your store. Luckily, at Hella ATMs, we’re the leading ATM provider in New England. Our customer service and streamlined, stress-free process simply set us apart. Whether you’re interested in partnership or ownership, our tailored solutions are perfect. Contact us now to get your ATM! You’re the backbone of our economy and communities, and our machines are the vertebrae.