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How Hella ATM’s ATM management saves small businesses money
May 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A black and white photo of a cityscape at night. ATM management will turn your small business into a titan of industry.

For small businesses, it’s essential to save money wherever you can. That’s precisely why ATM management is a viable and excellent money-saving solution for small business owners. If you’re unsure how on-site ATMs can save you money, you came to the right place. As a veteran-owned business, we serve customers with the same dedication we served our country with. Our simple process enables clients to immediately reap the benefits of ATM installations.

Here’s how ATMs save small businesses money:

1. Cash transactions

One of the primary benefits of ATM management for small businesses is increased cash transactions. Your business as a whole will experience a surge of cash payments. Cash transactions are excellent because they reduce credit card transactions.

Credit card transactions come at a price for business owners. The processing fees are significant. While they may seem negligible individually, these expenses add up, and small businesses in particular simply can’t afford to shoulder this burden.

Fewer credit card processing transactions mean unfathomable savings each month. Particularly during seasonal events and holidays, these savings are often the difference between a flourishing business and one going under.

If you’re unsure how much you’ll save through reduced credit card processing alone, Hella ATMs guarantees transparent communication and an honest evaluation of projected savings.

2. Saves time (which saves money)

Another major benefit of ATM management is it saves you time and enables you to optimize your processes. Streamlined transactions boost profits and save money.

By saving time with each transaction, you’re also conserving your budget. For example, if you have a line of customers who are paying with credit cards, you have to check IDs for each client. This adds crucial chunks of time to each transaction and means two things.

Firstly, your employees will not be able to optimize their time as they should. Wasted time is money wasted. An ATM will save loads in personnel costs. Just as importantly, long lines are more likely to deter prospective customers.

On top of processing credit cards, people also pay with checks. It’s far less common, but it still adds inexcusable time to each transaction. Since it’s such an uncommon mode of payment, many younger employees won’t know how to process checks and will require help.

This saves time at virtually every stratum of your operation. With Hella ATMs, our service is quick, effective, and easy, just like each transaction will be after we install your ATM.

3. Technological maintenance

Another invaluable advantage of ATM management is that point-of-sale technologies require upgrading. This is an added expense you have to make. Otherwise, your business will suffer. However, to avoid excessive maintenance, an ATM will work wonders.

Just as important as the time saved in each transaction, relying on these processing technologies requires a considerable investment to ensure they’re dependable. There are always tech upgrades and software updates to be cognizant of.

This technology also requires occasionally calling and paying technicians to resolve issues. By encouraging cash purchases, you’re less reliant on technology and less dependant on continually updating and investing money in cutting-edge systems and devices.

Contact us now to get an ATM installed!

If you’re a small business, ATM management saves money and makes money. Refusing to have an ATM installed is refusing thousands upon thousands of dollars in passive income. However, if you don’t know where to get started, Hella ATMs is your premier solution. We offer a fast, streamlined, and convenient process. Even better, we do all the work for you. Contact us now to get an ATM installed! Each penny saved moves you an inch closer to indisputable success.