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What’s the best ATM placement for your bar? Hella ATM’s guide
July 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A person using an ATM. ATM placement services are essential to the success of your business.

Deciding to install an ATM is half the battle. ATM placement is another critical consideration. An errantly placed ATM is as good as no ATM at all. If placement is daunting, at Hella ATMs, we proudly service Boston, MA, and Reno, NV, with unrivaled ATM solutions. Plus, our streamlined and communicative process makes it easier than ever to take things to the next level.

Here’s our guide to bar ATM placement:


When considering prime ATM placement, user security should be your primary concern. People won’t want to use your machine at all unless they feel safe using it. Safety is particularly crucial in bars since people withdraw large sums of money.

More importantly, when crowded, it’s hard to be fully aware of your surroundings. Plus, people are exponentially more vulnerable when inebriated. Ensure your ATMs aren’t near corners or blind spots, there are surveillance cameras, and there are other security measures in place.

If identifying the most secure location in your bar is difficult, you're in luck. At Hella ATMs, guarantee to find the safest place to install your machine.

Inside or outside

Another decision you have to make when determining ATM placement is between indoor and outdoor installations.

The primary benefit of outdoor installations is 24/7 access. However, this also exposes them to greater risk, which necessitates investing further in security and safety measures for both users and your machine.

However, customers often feel safer using indoor ATMs, and they also enjoy the convenience. This preference means placing your machine outside will cause you to lose some ATM business from customers. However, you will recoup this lost business from users who aren’t customers.


For customers, it should be effortless to find your machine. Selecting a place with high visibility is essential to optimal ATM placement.

However, in bars, this isn't easy. It’s advisable to help customers by using signs around your bar and above the ATM itself. If you have a larger bar with multiple stories, we recommend having one ATM for each floor.

Even if your bar doesn’t have multiple stories, still consider installing multiple ATMs for maximum visibility. Crowded bars are difficult to navigate, and locating an ATM is challenging. Multiple ATMs help manage that.

If you’re unsure how to maximize visibility, we can find the perfect positions to ensure everyone knows where your machine is located.

Foot traffic

To select the best location for ATM placement, find somewhere with plenty of foot traffic. This strategic placement requires some thought.

We recommend putting it near the front so people pass it on the way in and know where it is. It’s even proven this increases usage. However, if a line forms, it could block the entrance. A line could be a fire hazard, and a blocked entrance could even deter prospective customers.

Lastly, putting it by the door could tempt people to rob it, particularly if behind glass. Ultimately, placement depends on your customers and your flow of foot traffic. From your table arrangement to your bathroom location, everything is unique to your facility.

Contact us now to get started!

For bars, an ATM can incontrovertibly benefit a business. However, it is not easy finding the perfect ATM placement. Luckily, at Hella ATMs, our service is unmatched, and we guarantee to find the perfect place for your pre-loaded machine. Within 7-days, we'll set up your ATM, and it will be ready to use. Contact us now to get started! From Reno to Boston, we proudly elevate businesses to new heights.