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ATM Installation Requirements for a Machine at Your Store
July 1, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Store has its own machine after meeting ATM installation requirements.

Given ATMs’ convenience and revenue-increasing potential, the ease of having one installed can come as a surprise. When site owners work with Hella ATMs, they can have their ATMs set up and fully operational in only a week.

Most likely, you’ve wondered what it would take for you to have your own in-store ATM. And you’re about to find out.

In this guide, we share ATM installation requirements that you need to meet before you can have a machine that encourages more purchases.

Secure and easily visible location

Having your ATM close to the entrance ensures that more of your customers see it. But, at the same time, you also need to choose a safe and well-lit area. It’s generally advised to install ATMs as close as possible to a back wall for security purposes.

If you struggle to decide on a location that promotes increased use while maintaining security, remember that it’s not something you have to do alone. Our installers would be glad to get an understanding of your floor plan and make recommendations.

Space for wiring and operating

Before installation, it’s also important to make sure that there’s room for wiring. The amount needed highly depends on the model.

In addition to reserving space for customers to operate the machine, you also have to make sure there’s enough for loading the ATM. Typically, this requires that the fascia, or the door covering the lower cabinet and lock, can open fully.

The fact that our ATMs use wireless technology reduces the amount of space you need to leave free for wiring. An area of four square feet is enough to accommodate the machine and its power cable.

Picking the right model

The right model for your store may depend on factors such as how much foot traffic you receive and the features you’d like customers to access. If you operate in a busy location, a larger vault may be necessary to store enough cash for constant service. For features, you may focus more on things like screen, dispenser options, and software.

An easily missable consideration to keep in mind is compliance with accessibility regulations. The model you pick needs to be at a height that meets ADA, DDA, and CSA requirements.

If aesthetics are a concern for you, you may also want to think about the ATM that looks best in your property.

Cash management and maintenance plan

Next, it’s essential to determine how you’ll refill and manage the ATM. For Hella ATMs customers, vaulters visit the owner’s site as needed to load cash into the machine. If you’d like the benefits of having an ATM without the maintenance responsibilities, you may also appreciate such an arrangement.

With ATMs having parts that are in constant motion every day, it’s beneficial to have a team that checks for possible faults and makes necessary repairs. The machine may also receive Over-the-Air firmware updates for stronger security and extra functionality, which a maintenance team can help you install.

Need help with ATM installation requirements? Just talk to Hella ATMs

Whether you already meet these requirements or there are some you would like help with, the next step is a chat with us. Once we understand how to help your business get the most out of its ATM, we deliver the right machine and set it up within 7 days.

Talk to our team today and have an ATM on your site in a week.